Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another year

Last year, I started blogging.

Yesterday, we were back at the Four Seasons for our circa-Valentine's Day High Tea, on yet another miserable mid-February day. The valet opened the car door for me again, and accepted the key to a different, slightly battered Civic Hybrid (the car we drove last year was totaled in May), and this year we had two second-hand carseats in back, one of them not yet installed, because while repairs at the usual building are ongoing, Z.'s daycare has had to move to new digs far enough away from our house that as of tomorrow, we are carpooling to spare the polar bears.*

Last year, I was still making my way back towards music; mostly, the radio was tuned to NPR. This year the front of the car is littered with cd's.

The trash in the seat wells is pretty much unchanged.

Blogging, blogging. Very few decisions have changed my life as much as my plunge into the Web 2.0 world. I went from isolation to abundant connection, and I figured out some seriously important things in this space.

When I began I felt quite urgent about writing, but the place the blog has in my attention has changed a great deal, and my posting has fallen off dramatically. I realize that I am at a crossroads with it. I'm not quite sure what is going to happen. I would like to be posting daily again--given the array of things I'm avoiding dealing with in my unbloggable life, I don't expect that to happen anytime soon, but I think that was a good discipline for me--only if daily blogging is a project I'm going to resume, I need to find an approach to content that does *not* use confessional journaling as its model.

This isn't really an announcement of change, though, more like an alert that this is a blog in search of a new mission statement. I'm hoping to figure it out when things settle down. You know, in my next lifetime.

*All credit to Phantom for the concept of teh polar bear points.


Phantom Scribbler said...

Happy blogiversary, S!

(Blogging, of course, wins you massive polar bear points.)

S. said...

Hey, Phantom, I'm glad you got the first comment in--you were the *only* comment on my first post.

niobe said...

It's been a long, strange year. For many of us, it seems.

Magpie said...

Good luck finding your bloggy mission. It'll emerge, in due time.

And congratulations on your blogiversary!

kathy a. said...

happy blogiversary!

dawn224 said...

happy blogiversary!

Julia said...

Happy blogaversary. A long strange year, indeed.
Hope your mission statement finds you soon. Or you find it. Just don't get stuck playing tag with it, ok?

jo(e) said...

Happy blogiversary!

E. said...

Best of luck finding a new mission statement. It's always enjoyable reading your (extremely eloquent and well-written) thoughts, no matter what the subject.

Scrivener said...

Happy belated blogiversary. I hear you on the whole searching for a new mission for the blog thing. I miss blogging, but can't really do it now b/c of the whole family drama crap.