Wednesday, February 21, 2007


We had a very out-of-kilter weekend. A. went to New York to see a play Friday night because she missed a funeral on Monday. The play was Arsenic and Old Lace in community theater, and the family friend whose funeral she missed was a theater person: her daughter was in the show on Friday, and it was a kind of homage for her to do it right now. Over the past few weeks, A. and I have both missed funerals we wished we had been able to attend, so I knew how important this was for her. It really wasn't a big deal to have Z. on my own for a day (especially since A. cooked ahead for us!) but it was very strange having shabbat without A. We were very glad to go downtown to the train station to meet her.

On Sunday my parents came for a quick visit. They were here less than 24 hours and miraculously they didn't arrive until after Z.'s nap, so we had 3 hours to clean the kitchen and foyer. (Yes, Z. naps for three hours--which has its pros and cons.) I don't feel like I saw much of my folks, since I had to work for a couple hours on Monday despite the holiday, but boy do I feel satisfied by the cleaning. Our house usually looks like a disaster area, which I think contributes mightily to my constant feelings of overwhelm.

Yesteday Z. and I managed to hit four stores after day care without a meltdown: hardware, beads, WaWa, Staples. The whole round of shopping was less than an hour and a half. This is a record.

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