Friday, December 4, 2009

The letter I just wrote to the junior senator from my state

To Senator Casey:

This is a duplicitous response. The Stupak amendment is much more far-reaching than the Hyde agreement and the Hyde agreement itself is a shameful government attempt to influence decisions best made by a woman in consultation with her doctor and family.

If you were truly pro-life in the principled way that you suggest, you would be introducing legislation to end the death penalty, to reduce infant mortality, and to end our reliance on foreign oil so that we did not commit the lives of our young people to risk their own lives and kill others. I do not see that you are in the forefront of any of these efforts to protect life that exists independently of a woman's body, so I call you on your deceitful language. You are not pro-life. You are in favor of controlling women's bodies when they are pregnant. Call your beliefs and policies what they are, and then see if Pennsylvanians like me will continue to support you.