Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer's winding down

Z. on the beach

(From our trip down the shore last weekend)

The windows are open and the sound of crickets is drifting in to the accompaniment of the neighbors jamming on the sidewalk with electric guitars and trombone. But the nights are cooling off and I'm sleeping hard.

The season's turning.

It was a long summer with far too much weekend travel in it and far too little time to hear my own thoughts, but I got used to having A. and Z. around. With both of them back at school, I spent hours walking outside this week, taking advantage of the time between day care dropoff and when the store opens. It has been very very grounding having time to get reacquainted with myself but I also feel a little like the parts of our family have been cut adrift from each other. I guess those feelings will balance out soon enough, kind of the way I adjusted to returning to sleep deprivation in September when I was teaching. But I'm noticing it.


Magpie said...

The hair, the hair, is everywhere.

That is one awesome head of hair.

kathy a. said...

she has gorgeous hair!

hope things even out soon.

Anonymous said...

The hair is amazing. Supermum's hair used to look a little like that, 18 years ago.

Furrow said...

(gasp!) That's a gorgeous picture.

I'm sorry, did you say something as well? ;)