Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Picking serviceberries

Picking serviceberries

We haven't had enough sun for the berries to be as ripe as they ought to be this time of year.

Picking serviceberries

But I did get to pick them with the Queen of America, and that's something (her pirate crown is off in this picture, because it kept getting tangled in the branches). In the end, we scrapped our pie-baking idea and had ice cream sandwiches instead, which was a pretty fine outcome, really.


Tall Kate said...

Bummer on the pie -- but there's always another day, or another year!
Gah, Z.'s hair makes me envious. Those curls are to die for!

Phantom Scribbler said...

Now I see why Z. can't go anywhere without people commenting on her hair. Wow.

S. said...

Thanks, Kate! Phantom, I forget that the curls were still in development the last time you saw her. Amazing, aren't they? With the rain, they're even springier today.

Magpie said...

You can eat the service berries? As in Amelanchier or Shadblow? Huh. Who knew?

Anonymous said...

They look very pretty but incredibly poisonous for some reason. Dunno why.