Friday, June 19, 2009

Didactic moment

So A. and I have a lesbian-feminist tendency to interrogate the whole happily-ever-after-hetero thing when we read fairy tales to Z., because they are so poisonous. And I'm embarrassed to say it's become reflexive, but I got my comeuppance a few weeks ago. I keep meaning to blog it, so here goes. Remember, Z. is FOUR:

In the car, driving around Eakins Oval, the Beatles are on.

Mama: Z., do you think that's really true, that all you need is love?
Z.: No!
Mama: So what else do you think you need?
Z., hesitant: Vulnerability?


Magpie said...

Oh, awesome. Six syllable word, four year old child.

Anonymous said...

Awesome language skills! Dudelet spent a full minute working on insatiable at story time the other night - am a bit nervous as to what he'll suddenly apply it to. But it won't be as funny as that!