Friday, October 10, 2008

Things are getting worse but I feel a lot better

Five songs in a row by the Counting Crows this morning. I'm not complaining about the Crows; I'm the one who put so much of them on the iPod, it's just that there are times when you pull the thing out of your pocket to make sure it's still on shuffle, you know?

Last year, there was a month or two in there when every. single. time. I did my half-hour walk I could count on the shuffle giving me "Amy Hits the Atmosphere" before it was over. Right now I'm playing through all 485 songs in my nano before I restart it, and Amy came up a few days ago. I think this was the way the iPod elves were trying to remind me of it.

I know we all have these flickers in the random sequence. What are the things that make you suspect your shuffle is controlled by elves?

For Penelope (and everyone else): laughing! yes, I will write up Beauty and the Beast, wiss bees.


(un)relaxeddad said...

I wonder what the way a person listens to their iPod says about them - I've never listened to anything on shuffle for more than one or two songs. Too much of a control freak, probably.

S. said...

A. uses the alphabetical song listing as a kind of shuffle substitute. Me, sometimes I want to hear a whole album, but otherwise I figure I did the control-freak thing when I picked the songs for the nano playlist so I let the elves be my DJ.

I'm going to re-engineer the playlist and resync it once I've listened through them all once.