Thursday, October 16, 2008

Special features

This evening, Z. and I varied our ritual watching of the Wizard of Oz by starting with the Angela-Lansbury-narrated animated storybook, which is far too abridged, but otherwise a really wonderful use of the original illustrations.

Then we moved on to the (also Lansbury-narrated) actor bios, and can I just say that I completely understand why Ray Bolger is my father-in-law's hero? What an amazing dancer. I can't say Wow! loudly enough.

Strangely, Judy Garland was omitted from the bio line-up. Do you suppose there was nothing they could find for a family-friendly DVD?


Jenny Davidson said...

I feel certain you must have read it already - but just in case not, the must-read here is John Lahr's essay "The Lion and Me" in 1999 Best American Essays (Amazon link pasted in for convenience!):

(un)relaxeddad said...

I don't know how but I still haven't managed to watch this...Maybe this Christmas.