Friday, June 6, 2008

Allegheny Tuscarora Kittatinny Blue

...and I have been home now for a week without Annoying Dog. I'm not yet recovered from the drive (20 hours of interstates in two days) but I'm getting there. I no longer wake up to barking. I no longer enter the room to barking. I no longer live through an hour of barking before dinnertime. I don't need to do canine hierarchy management when I walk down stairs or through halls.

It has been like the story where the rabbi tells Joseph to bring the cow, the goats, and the chickens into his tiny, tiny house, and then finally tells him to kick them all out. It is so quiet in my house I feel like I'm floating. It feels like we've added several feet to every dimension of every room.

There are only two more days of the Daycare Relocation Carpool to get through, too. I'm hoping that the end of the commute will have a similar effect on time in my life, but somehow I'm not as hopeful.


Magpie said...

does the daycare thing mean that the daycare has been rebuilt and is back in the proper location? i hope so, so you can get back to walking there.

S. said...

Magpie, the daycare thing means that it's summer and Z. stays home with A. in the summertime, but! as it happens, the daycare *is* moving back into a different part of its proper building for the summer months, while repairs are finished in the daycare rooms. In the Fall, she'll be back in her old digs.

Julia said...

Great news all around.
So how has the end of carpool been for you?