Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blue Kittatinny Tuscarora Allegheny

Things I learned today:

There are double bathroom stalls on the PA Turnpike that have a full-size toilet and a toddler-size one, and a changing table. (Yeah, I thought that was cool, too.)

A person can get very wet under the gas pump awning.

The midwest is closer than I think.

My hair does extraordinary things when it halfway dries during a downpour and then heavy Ohio wind whips it up around and over my head to finish the job.

I can happily listen to The New Pornographers' Challengers cd six times in a row.

There is a family who already loves Annoying Dog and is happy to have her.

It is possible to be so nice to me that I cry.


Magpie said...

Glad your trip was okay.

Julia said...

It sounds like a really nice trip. The raining and the crying notwithstanding.

susan said...

I have been in those double stalled bathrooms, and I think they are brilliant.

I'm glad someone was nice enough to make you cry--some days, that's just what you need.