Sunday, March 16, 2008

What to do with this blog

I've been stuck on this blog for awhile now. Well, maybe you noticed. I'm not sure who I'm writing for, or why, and I'm not even quite sure what it is I was doing when I was writing more. Was it therapy? Was it art? Was it loneliness?

I lost my groove because I got more depressed, and I got really really scared, and my life got far too messy to be setting forth in front of strangers. Things are a little better now. But I'm not sure how to get back into writing.

The one idea I have so far for a new thing to be doing with the blog, if it happens, it ain't gonna happen this week. So I'm making my unofficial hiatus official for a week so that I can take blogging off my list of things I'm thinking about consciously.

Be back in a week.


niobe said...

The questions of audience and content are very tricky. I'm curious about your new idea, but I'll see you when (if?) you come back.

Jody said...

Well, I just dumped mine, so it's not the same, but dude, it feels GREAT every morning to wake up and think, "I don't want to write today, so I won't write." And then do something else.

I have a lot more guilt about the fraying connections to other blog writers, but that's not quite the same issue.

Except that it is, because it's all wrapped up in the computer.

But oh well.

Enjoy the break, and enjoy the new idea!

Julia said...

Enjoy your time off.
And have a very happy, costumed, and I am sure sweet Purim!

(un)relaxeddad said...

Well, have a good week! I'm going through a similar thing with my tech blog - not really sure what I want to do with it on returning to it after a bit of a baby-focused hiatus.