Thursday, March 27, 2008

New York City, there we were

We took a mid-week, one-night trip to New York last night to see a showing of some films. It was only Z.'s second time ever seeing a movie in a theater--her first time was last week, when we pulled her out of school early to see a matinee showing of a documentary about a kid we know from our neighborhood. She hasn't quite got the whispering thing down.

Here is something that might happen to you if you raise your child to be polite and to respect privacy by asking first. You might be in a quiet theater and she might ask to sit on your lap. And then she might ask if she can hold your breast.


On our way to the car and home, I had the rolly bag and A. was herding Z. In the gutter of the driveway in front of the faculty housing where we were crashing: a bird's head, walnut-brown, long-beaked, red at the neck where it was severed. I bumped the bag up onto the sidewalk and went a few paces. I turned and waited to see what would happen when Z. got to the same place: would A. see it in time and head her off? But if I pointed it out, Z. would certainly see it.

Neither of them noticed it. I left it at that.


niobe said...

Sometimes it seems that I'm always seeing things like that. And no-one else does.

kathy a. said...

sounds like an excellent adventure! too funny, Z's polite question in the theater. glad she missed the other thing.

Magpie said...

So, how loudly did she ask to hold your breast?!?

Mine still does that, but usually only in private.

Julia said...

Yeah, the whispering thing helps.