Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Communication is tricky

Z.: Can you tell me a storewy about da high genius?

S.: The High Genius?

Z.: Da High Genius.

S.: Can you take your binky out so I can hear you?

Z.: Can you tell me a storewy about Suzanne?

S.: Suzanne the High Genius? Is this a school story? I don't know this story.

A.: Maybe you can tell Mama if it's a school story.

Z.: It's a dentist storewy.

* * * * *

S.: (playing with Z's curls) Z., All your life, people will tell you you have great hair.

Z.: Ah you my life people?


jo(e) said...

I had to read the first one aloud to get it. That's so cute!

Magpie said...

The High Genius! I love that!

She's funny.

kathy a. said...

ack! i'm sure hygenists everywhere will LOVE this story to bits!

niobe said...


Lo said...

I hope it is just good pro-active parenting, rather than trauma, that has led your 2 year old to even know about High Geniuses!

susan said...

That tricky communication sure makes for good blogging, though.

S. said...

Of course, I'm the one who takes the fall, both times. Every comedian needs a straight man. Er, so to speak.

Oh, Lo, you know it's trauma all the way. Both of her front teeth are badly chipped from a playground fall last December, and one of them died from the impact. And she ain't cavity-free. We don't get any parenting points on this one, I'm afraid.