Sunday, September 2, 2007

Because Niobe's doing it

The rules are: 26-word poem, words in consecutive alphabetical order

All bitter cold days,
ever fearful,
going home
in January's knowing light,
mine never over
painful questions
ranging snakily through, under
vast, wasted

And, yes, I cheated on the x. I hate it when people don't cheat on the x. How many xylophones does the world need, anyway?

Check out what Niobe and Julia wrote. Slouching mom proposed the challenge.


slouching mom said...

I liked this, especially "in January's knowing light"; would you like me to add it to the list of poems I've got going over at my site? Let me know.

furrow said...

hey! I'm actually familiar with all the words you used in yours. I like that.

Kyla said...

*lol* I like that you cheated. ;)

Good one.

Monica said...

Oh this is good! Lots of feeling. And yeah, the X is a pain.

niobe said...

The whole end of the alphabet is kind of a pain. It would be so much better if it ended at, say, v.

S. said...

Yeah, Niobe, I know what you mean! I felt like I was cheating, since I have a proper name to fall back on for Z. Once I had a Y for it, that kind of determined the rest of the poem.

Slouching mom, this was fun! I know I didn't write the world's cheeriest poem, but I haven't written a poem at all in years. Thanks for the challenge.

Furrow, plain English, baby!

Kyla, Monica, welcome and thanks for coming by!

Magpie said...

Lovely. Like Z. A way out.