Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Calling on the power of blogging lost dogs

My parents' dog is named for Kosmo Kramer, from Seinfeld, but it's a name that suits her by how much she doesn't fit it. She's a pretty little skinny dog in between the size of a whippet and an Italian greyhound, with the coat of a yellow lab, with light freckles on her elegant paws. She's skittish about crossing hardwood floors and shy with strangers, and if she decides she's not going somewhere, sometimes the only thing to do is pick her up and take her there. She carries stuffed animals back to her bed. Socks, too, and shoes. If she wants to make friends with you she puts her head down and her paw up. But she has to check you out for awhile before she takes a risk like that.

She's been missing since this afternoon--there are workmen in the house, and she got freaked out, and a door was left open, and now she's somewhere away from home. She's been spotted around the neighborhood, and she has her tags on, but it's raining there, and night has fallen. My parents are worried, and second-guessing themselves.

So I'm asking you, if you're still reading this on your feed, to help out by doing whatever you can to get the lost-dog-found mojo going.

ETA, morning of 5/6/09: She came home!


Magpie said...

See, the amazing power of the interwebs!

Songbird said...

Glad to hear it!

susan said...

Blogging the lost works again! glad she's home.

kathy a. said...

glad she came home!

our sweet blind cat wandered out once, and it was so awful. my daughter was in total hysterics; we posted signs everywhere. he finally turned up in the back yard, cobwebs hanging from whiskers.

E. said...

What a relief!

dadwhowrites said...

Thank goodness for that. The way you describe her sounds exactly the same as our 1.5 yo (though without the tantrums)