Saturday, January 12, 2008

I guess she picked it up in school

Mama is opening a small package.

Z.: Dat comes in Bubble Wrap! Dat's Bubble Wrap! Is dat BUBBLE WRAP?

S.: (laughing) Yes, sweetie.

Z.: Can I have it when you open it up?

S.: Sure.

Z.: Oh, thzank you, thzank you, thzank you, thzank you! Thzank you, Mama! Thzank you!


Julia said...

What a lovely, grateful child she is. :)
I wonder how many minutes of peace you can buy with that bubble wrap?

Magpie said...

But, did she jump up and down on it, to pop it? That's what we do around here.

jo(e) said...

Jumping up and down on bubble wrap is STILL one of my favourite things to do ....

kathy a. said...

my kids always preferred to pop them bubble by bubble. lasts longer, like taking tiny bites of chocolate and letting them melt. except louder, of course.

S. said...

Z. likes the kind with big bubbles, and she holds each one between two hands and uses her thumbs intently for that pop! It is work, hard work, and important, too, popping bubble wrap. You have to do them *all*.