Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wanna de-lurk?

Edited Friday morning: okay, lurkers, I'm getting impatient. So far no one has commented for the first time on this, and I know some of you have clicked through. You think I can't see you out there?

Okay, it's not the third anymore; I should have done this yesterday, but I am lame and distracted. Still, even a quiet little blog like mine has folks who read silently in the background, and I wanna hear from you. Since I am a statcounter addict, I know that you're out there in Somerville and Vancouver and Indianapolis and other places. Won't you speak up?

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

Here's my audience participation question, just to get the ball rolling--this being me talking, you know I'm going to get all introspective and shit on you.

When you're overwhelmed with people and work and dogs and doctors' visits and life and all of the rest of it, where's your refuge? If you've been reading me awhile, you know I take to the water or hole up with yarn and mystery novels, if I can.

How 'bout you?

And if you remember how you found the blog, I'd be interested to know that, too.

Oh, and regular commenters, don't be shy--I wanna know your route to me and your self-indulgent caretaking habits, too.


Pilgrim/Heretic said...

Hi! *waves* When I get overwhelmed, I spend most of my time reading blogs, apparently. I honestly don't remember how I got here, but I've been hanging out and enjoying it for several weeks.

jo(e) said...

I go walk in the woods to regain perspective.

kathy a. said...

jo(e) does what all of us want to say we do. walks really do help me.

however, trashy mysteries, read with munchies and various cats roaming around, is closer to what i really do. also, obviously, wandering through blogs when i should be doing something else.

niobe said...

I know exactly how I found your blog. I was looking through Phantom's blog roll. I clicked on your blog because I've always liked the word "javelin." One of my favorite Latin quotations is "Et nos quoque, tela sparsimus," which I've seen translated as "we, too, have hurled javelins," even though, strictly speaking, tela means something closer to "weapons."

Does it seem like I'm avoiding the other question?

S. said...

Pilgrim and kathy a., you know blogs are starting to ruin my attention span even for detective fiction.

Jo(e)--alas, the woods around here are a little too crowded for me.

Niobe, now I'm imagining all sorts of things you might do that you would want to avoid telling the 'net about.

Magpie said...

I am so not a lurker, here anyway.

But hi, anyway.

I can't remember how I found you.

I don't decompress enough. But a glass of wine on the back deck, with a nice piece of cheese - that helps.

Julia said...

I drink coffee. And if it gets bad, I drink it alone in a coffee shop.

anna said...

This is my first ever comment on a personal blog. I'm nervous! But I'm determined to de-lurk. So here goes:

When I get what M.F.K Fisher described as a "buzzing sensation in my knees and elbows" (i.e. I'm frizzle-frazzled), I get under the duvet with a cup of tea, a hot water bottle, and a favorite book, usually something from childhood, by E. Nesbit, Arthur Ransome, Vivien Alcock, or the like. If I can't do that, then a walk to the park with my daughter (latte in hand--mine, not hers), will sometimes do the trick, if I can play on the swings when I'm there.

The hot water bottle seems to be an important part of the recipe. I need to be very very warm when I'm in that state. I also find scrubbing things and cleaning out drawers to be therapeutic, but only if I have time to finish the job.

There! I am officially no longer a lurker. I am an occasional commenter.